Practical Test

Driving practical test

The practical test is about 45 minutes long, and is set out by the DSA.

Learners arranging their own tests should make sure they only use the official DSA website when they book their driving theory test or practical driving test.

What will happen?

  • First your eyesight will be tested
  • Next you will be asked two questions on safety/car maintenance
  • Then you will begin your driving test!

Your examiner will direct you along the test route, incorporating a variety of road conditions that can include country roads, busy towns or city centres and dual carriageways.

You will be asked to carry out two manoeuvres from the list that you will have practised with your instructor (parallel park, bay park, turn in the road, or reverse into a junction), and you may also have to do a controlled stop.

You will not be asked to do anything that you have not practised in your driving lessons with your Midland driving instructor. If it makes you feel more at ease, your Midland driving instructor can sit in with you during the test.

Pass or fail?

Your examiner will make notes of any driving faults that you make.
These are split into three categories

  • Minor – You can have no more than 15 of these, and none that happen repeatedly, or you will fail
  • Serious – You mustn’t get any of these, or it’s an automatic fail
  • Dangerous – You mustn’t get any of these, or it’s an automatic fail

When you’ve finished your driving test, the examiner will tell you whether you’ve passed or failed and they will give you (and your instructor if you like) feedback on your driving. Whether you’ve passed or not, it’s really important to listen to the feedback, and apply it to your future driving.

Learning Aids

Here is the list of questions and answers that your examiner will ask you as part of your practical driving test.

"Midland are great driving instructors, they never put any pressure on me and they made me feel at ease.
Even though I was lacking in confidence, they successfully got me through my driving test."

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